To achieve service delivery standards at the levels that would satisfy the clients’ demands at affordable costs and to constantly monitor and evaluate the quality and level of service that our clients are receiving.

  • Efficiency

Monabo Hygiene Services believes in a proactive rather than reactive approach. It is important to us that the right people do your job and get it right the first time. We understand the frustration and the inconvenience caused due to poor workmanship.

  • Going green

As members of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) we commit ourselves in saving the future today. Our like- minded strategic partners enabled us to realise the benefits of going green hence we have shifted from the traditional cleaning way to green cleaning methodologies. We have introduced a range of eco-friendly chemicals, which are mandatory for our personnel to use. This means that we can offer a unique fully compliant green cleaning service. Monabo Hygiene Services is building the way towards changing the standard in the cleaning industry from toxic to safe. Our commitment to nature conservation has even grown up to our doorstep starting from our procedures at administrative to technical operations

  • Sustainability

Sustainability is a journey and we make sure we continue to move closer to sustainable practices, both financially and physically. Doing our best is our commitment to you and the environment. Monabo is run with a strong social consciousness, that we will provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional practices in the market.

We also educate the public on environmentally friendly cleaning and continue to educate ourselves. Today our mission stands strong. We are proud to support healthier and safer cleaning practices and be a part of the reduction in the use of toxic chemicals.

Our work ethic is acting on the belief that beneficial change can come through collective action and put into practice what we believe in. Our success is measured in customer and worker satisfaction and by our effort in the development of a healthier home, work place and environment.

Monabo Hygiene Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This is to ensure that we bear great efficiencies and controls that comply with international standards. Also, to constantly monitor and evaluate the quality and level of service that our clients receive. Our industrial equipment is sourced from ISO 9001 certified amet mi lacus.

  • Training and Development

We are committed to the development of our team. We always secure the training and development intervention programs from SETA Accredited Institutions. All our new recruits go for extensive training where subjects like but not limited to: understanding of the cleaning principle, HIV & Aids awareness, OHSA, client services and green-cleaning methods are addressed. The management of our company also continues to attend professional development programs to keep up with the industry norms.

We also believe in women and youth empowerment including individuals from disadvantaged background. This is the reason why more than 90% of our workforce is women and youth dominated from all levels of the business including persons with disability. The benefits of the training are numerous, yielding tangible returns across our several key business areas. The training offers several specific programs and services, all aimed at optimizing compliance, scorecard performance, employee effectiveness and ultimately organizational function and efficiency.


At Monabo Hygiene Services we:

  • Believe in quality and make a mark in everything we do
  • Build trust and integrity in relationships with clients
  • Respect the clients’ premises and environment
  • Strive for excellence
  • Exceed customer expectations